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TCGD has over nineteen years experience revitalizing and developing affordable housing, with a variety of commercial and civic uses. Each project presents a unique set of challenges for which we develop creative investment strategies and strong partnerships-with housing agencies and banks, resident corporations and business leaders, public agencies, and private investors. We help build desirable neighborhoods that serve residents well.

Good design is essential. Our neighborhoods distinctly feature world-class architecture, planning, and landscape design. They have been nationally recognized with awards for excellence in all of these areas.

With a comprehensive approach to development, TCGD has succeeded in preserving affordable housing and developing neighborhoods conducive to a healthy community -- neighborhoods that help residents overcome the many challenges they face in today's urban environment - an affordable home; better schools; jobs and opportunities for families and children.

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TCGD has worked closely with global and local banks, public and private agencies, local and federal governments to assemble financing for over 33,000 units of housing and a diversity of commercial, civic, and community activities. To meet the special needs of each neighborhood, our work requires a complex mix of financing, including:

  • private mortgage financing,
  • private institutional equity,
  • subordinate financing,
  • loan guarantees,
  • credit enhancement,
  • home buyer secondary mortgage assistance,
  • tax credit syndications,
  • foundation and government grants,
  • tax exempt bond financing, and
  • financing for community services.

We leverage public funding with private investment. We combine federal initiatives like HOPE VI with local tools such as tax increment financing and homeownership assistance. Our portfolio of partners range from the world's largest commercial banks and the bank next door; to state HFAs and HUD; to numerous municipal governments and private partners.

TCGD believes community development merits and requires both public and private investment, and that successful communities provide the requisite return for each.

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Community Services

We believe that community and physical development are inseparable. In every neighborhood, TCGD works closely with residents in the planning, construction, and operation of their communities. Together we take stock of community assets and work to improve opportunities through a range of initiatives, with a focus on education, health, employment, child care and home ownership.
Community centers - for skill enhancement, recreation, and neighborhood cohesion - form the linchpin of our development plans. Daycare centers, computer learning labs, public gardens and other special spaces strengthen all our neighborhoods.

Commitment to MBE/WBE Participation:

As a minority-owned business, we are committed to working with minority- and women-owned businesses in all of our revitalization programs. In each project, goals are established regarding the percentage of contracts awarded to M/WBEs, and in many cases we have provided training and organizational assistance to help create local business enterprises.

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Section 3:

Section 3 has been a principal program for resident participation in federally-funded housing authority programs, and we have been a supporter, and successful implementer of, Section 3 efforts. We make our best effort to hire residents from the communities in which we work and have designed and overseen successful resident-training and apprenticeship programs which capture jobs and life-long earning skills for residents.

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