Charlotte, NC
364 Rental Apartments
425 Affordable and Market Homeownership Units

Columbia, SC
154 Rental Apartments
93 Single Family Homes

Conestee, SC
144 Rental Apartments
21 Homeownership Units
12,000 SF Commercial

Dayton, OH
80 Family Rental units
55 Homeownership units
30 Senior Apartment units

Duluth, MN
416 Rental Apartments

Frederick, MD
165 Rental Apartments
96 Homeownership Units

Greenville, SC
472 Rental Apartments
126 Homeownership Units

Holyoke, MA
60 For-sale Homes 

Kern County, CA
127 Rental units
84 For-Sale Condominium Homes
72 For-Sale Duplex Fee Simple Homes
92 Section 8 Vouchers

North Charleston, SC
458 Rental units
194 Homeownership Units

Norfolk, VA
260 Rental Apartments at Mission College
275 Rental Apartments and Duplex Units at Grandy Village
Future Development Activities On-Site at Grandy Village and Elsewhere

Winston-Salem, NC
242 Rental Apartments
110 Affordable Homes
Gateway Commons Linear Park
Stream Restoration