Since neighborhood revitalization involves considerable time and effort, it's critically important to have a project management staff that is experienced and capable of keeping the Revitalization Plan on course and under budget. Our personnel have the competencies, skills and experience to meet and exceed the performance qualifications and experience required by Housing Authorities charged with re-building communities. Most of our personnel have worked together for years on a variety of housing, economic and community revitalization developments. All have extensive, hands-on experience in their areas of expertise as they relate to the planning and implementation of redevelopment efforts, including HUD HOPE initiatives.

Jaime Bordenave, President
Jaime BordenaveJaime Bordenave is the Founder and President of the TCG group of companies, which specializes in technical assistance, development services and technology support of the housing and urban development sector.  TCG was established in 1984.  Over the past thirty years, Mr. Bordenave has established and built several businesses in support of housing and community development.  They include: Self Help Manpower, Inc., Cabrillo Cooperative Housing Corporation, Cabrillo Economic Development Corporation, Rural Community Assistance Corporation, and TCG.  Mr. Bordenave has worked throughout the U.S. as well as in México, Central America, South America, the Caribbean, Africa, Asia and the Middle East. His specialty areas include housing finance and development, property management, software applications development, public and Indian housing, affordable homeownership and cooperative organizations. 
He began work on the revitalization of low-income communities in 1976 with the redevelopment of Cabrillo Village.  Under his leadership, this farm worker community rebuilt its homes and established numerous resident-owned and -operated businesses and social service programs, including grocery store, butcher shop, ceramic tile factory, construction company, cabinet shop, English as a second language program, day care, and social services center.

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Peter Behringer, Executive Vice President
Peter BehringerPeter Behringer is Executive Vice President of TCGD with over 30 years experience in urban revitalization activities including mixed-use development and providing mixed-income homeownership and rental opportunities to households across the income spectrum. In total, Mr. Behringer has been directly involved in the development and financing of over 20,000 residential units. Mr. Behringer has served as President of Multi-Family Housing Services in Baltimore where he developed and supervised construction of over 3,000 units in Maryland, Virginia and the District of Columbia. His firm managed over 4,000 units in housing communities located in a four state area. He has specialized in working with low and moderate-income tenant groups and community groups to create affordable homeownership.

As Vice President of the Foundation for Cooperative Housing, Mr. Behringer was personally responsible for 3,000 housing starts in the Mid-Atlantic States and actively involved in the creation of another 3,000 units in Michigan, Indiana and Ohio. Mr. Behringer also has served as an initial board member and then the Corporate Vice President of the National Cooperative Bank (NCB), the President of NCB Mortgage Corporation and President of Share Loan Service Corporation. He has been involved with HOPE and other urban revitalization developments in Baltimore, MD; Washington, DC; Lakeland, FL; Dayton, OH; Holyoke, MA; Duluth, MN; Frederick, MD; Winston-Salem, NC; Charlotte, NC; N. Charleston, SC; Greenville, SC; the US Virgin Islands, and Kern County, California.

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Lawrence J. Stern, Vice President of Finance/Chief Financial Officer
Lawrence SternLawrence J. Stern is responsible for managing the entire accounting department. His duties include but are not limited to the management of cash flow, maintaining the books and records in accordance with GAAP, preparation of monthly corporate financial statements as well as overseeing the development of the various projects from an accounting standpoint. Larry coordinates the annual audit of TCG Developments Services, LLC and works very closely with our lenders in maintaining and over seeing all of their do diligence requirements.

Larry has been involved with the financial management in the real estate field for over thirty-five years. He has been responsible for establishing and developing accounting principles and procedures as well as financial reporting. His experience also included preparing corporate and partnership tax returns, formulating mid-year and annual budget analysis and projections, and other functions integral to real estate. 

For over twenty years Larry was an owner of a public accounting firm in New Jersey with a diversified client base.  His practice predominately was in the real estate field from development, construction, management and various real estate limited partnerships.  He holds a Bachelor of Science Degree in Accounting with a minor in English from Syracuse University as well as his CPA certificate.

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Margarita Sweeney, Senior Development Manager
Margarita SweeneyGita Sweeney is in charge of all aspects of the HOPE VI projects in Duluth, MN which will total approximately $180M.  She has hands on experience in property and asset management working for the Coop Bank and National Housing Partnership and financing experience as an underwriter with ABG Financial Services an FHA Mortgage.  Gita has substantial experience in financing senior housing.  She graduated with honors in the housing program at the University of Minnesota.

Hilary Chapman, Development Manager
Hilary ChapmanHilary S. Chapman, Development Manager, is responsible for the development and marketing of homeownership opportunities for TCG Development Services, including 130 homes in North Charleston, South Carolina, 95 homes in Frederick, Maryland, as well as 104 homes in Duluth, Minnesota.  Each development includes affordable as well as market rate components.  Ms. Chapman previously served as Assistant Development Manager for the Daytona Beach HOPE VI revitalization projects.  The revitalization plan for both grants included the development of 310 rental units and 88 homeownership units.  In addition to her duties in Daytona Beach, Ms. Chapman worked on a HOPE VI community planning effort in Wilmington, NC.  Prior to joining TCG Development Services, Ms. Chapman was a Capital City Fellow for the Government of the District of Columbia, with duties in performance management and transportation planning.  Her background also includes experience in human rights advocacy, labor rights, and international development.  Ms. Chapman is an urban planner with a master’s degree in city planning from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an undergraduate degree from The College of William and Mary.

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Janet DeCreny, Development Manager
Janet DeCrenyJanet is a Development Manager for TCG Development Services where she is currently working on development activities for the Piedmont Courts HOPE VI project in Charlotte, NC and a rehabilitation project in Eden, NC.  Janet also has been involved in two HOPE VI projects in Winston-Salem, NC.  As Development Manager Janet arranges and closes multi-sourced project financing including the preparation of HUD mixed-finance proposals and evidentiary packages for both homeownership and rental projects.  She is responsible for project planning; assisting in the project design; and overseeing construction so that the developments are constructed in a timely manner and brought to completion on time and within budget.

Prior to joining TCG Development Services Janet had over 10 years of experience in managing, planning and implementing public/private partnerships, and economic development projects.  Janet has worked with the City of Winston-Salem as its Business Development Director where she managed a number of the City’s commercial and residential development projects.  She also played an integral role in the City’s industrial recruiting efforts, administered the City’s Economic Development Revolving Loan Program and its Minority and Women’s purchasing programs.  Prior to joining the City of Winston-Salem Janet worked in the banking industry as a Credit Administrator and a Senior Management Accountant.  She has also worked as a Finance Consultant to small businesses at the Raleigh/Durham Minority Business Development Center.

Janet holds an MBA from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and a BS in education from Hampton University.  She is a certified Economic Development Finance Professional.

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Bianca Williams, Development Coordinator/HR ManagerBianca Williams
Bianca Williams assists with numerous HOPE VI developments in Frederick, MD and Greenville, SC, including interaction with housing authorities, work-plan development, and proposal/grant writing efforts, as well as assisting with financial closings, and coordination with development partners and third-party contractors.

Ms. Williams prepares and maintains the documentation required to create legal business entities, handles filings required to maintain good standing, and manages informational databases required for lenders, partners and clients. She identifies insurance requirements and coordinates coverage for the firm, and its residential revitalization developments throughout the United States. In addition, she oversees the firm’s corporate and individual development web sites.

Ms. Williams has more than nine years of office management experience, originally joining the company as an administrator, prior to assisting with development projects. Previously, Ms. Williams was employed with the African Wildlife Foundation, and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation. She holds a B.S. in Business Administration.

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